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Do You Know Exactly How Far You Hit Your 7 Iron?

Introducing the SC300 portable launch monitor from Swing Caddie! The cutting edge live doppler technology found in the SC300 compares with the most expensive systems out there, and at just a fraction of the cost, it can help you take your game to the next level.

Swing Caddie SC300
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Tour level players rely on doppler radar technology to get accurate readings from every shot they hit on the range, but those launch monitors climb into the tens of thousands of dollars in a hurry.

Now the average golfer can instantly improve their game just by knowing a few key numbers.

Just by knowing how far you ACTUALLY hit each shot could shave strokes off your very next round. Imagine how well you could play!

Introducing the SC300 portable launch monitor from Swing Caddie! The cutting edge live doppler technology found in the SC300 compares with the most expensive systems out there, and at just a fraction of the cost, it can help you take your game to the next level.


Want to dial in those distances with your wedges? Now you can, and know how far you’re actually hitting the ball!


Now anyone can get Tour-caliber data from a portable launch monitor that fits in your golf bag, and at a fraction of the cost with the Swing Caddie SC300.

SC300 CCC.png

“I love using the SC300 portable launch monitor for my distance control. Sometimes you think that you’re hitting the ball a certain distance, but you’re not. Getting true data right there on the spot is very beneficial.”

Jim, Amateur Golfer

Ball speed, swing speed, carry distance and smash factor

can help you dial in those distances and get you where you want your game to be. Add in launch angle and shot apex and you can take your game to a level you never dreamed possible!

Tour tested data that the pros trust in a portable launch monitor that any golfer can afford. The SC300 delivers a big punch with a compact size.


With the SC300, you simply turn the unit on, place it behind you and immediately you’re able to get instant feedback on every shot you make! 


Working on wedge distances? Use the Target Mode to hit shots to predetermined distances! 


Want to understand how trajectories affect distance? Launch angle helps you learn more about that! 


Or maybe you’re swinging out of your shoes and not getting the distance you prefer. Smash Factor and Carry Distance can help you understand the quality of your shots.


“One of the most common faults I see from the average golfer is that they lack basic knowledge of their own golf game. With the Swing Caddie SC300, I can give the unit to one of my students and in minutes they are running a streamlined practice station with numbers to help them really get their game going. "

Todd Kolb - Director of Instruction, USGolfTV and Sanford POWER Golf Academy

Stand Alone Unit with Optional App

With all these fantastic features, it’s hard to imagine a unit so sleek and compact could give you such great information. 


In fact, the SC300 even pairs with an app, so you can track and monitor progress! And at a fraction of the cost of high-end launch monitors, the SC300 can now help any golfer improve their games!


“I see so many golfers trying so hard to hit the ball as far as they can that they start using their arms to just hack away at the ball. With the SC300, I can quickly show them that they can slow down and control their swing to actually gain more distance on their driver! Without real data like swing speed and distance, golfers would never believe a slower swing could actually add more yards! "

Paul Wilson - Ignition Golf, The Body Swing

Exclusive Offer!!!

Purchase here today and get an exclusive 8 Video series from Paul Wilson and Todd Kolb!

8 Videos to help you use your SC300 and Play Better Golf...

  1. Controlling Your Trajectory

  2. How to Dial In Your Wedges 

  3. Don't Keep Your Head Down!

  4. Understand Apex

  5. Controlling Apex

  6. Hip Rotation

  7. Smash Factor

  8. Swing it Slower

There isn't a better deal on a launch monitor out there! Our 30 Day Money back guarantee proves how confident we are.

We will give you 30 days to try the SC300, see if it helps you improve and if not we will give you a full, no questions asked refund. With the information you will get from this and the way it will help you practice, we are certain you will be satisfied and will be loving the way you golf after using it!


Finally, a portable launch monitor that gives you accurate data. And the best part is it’s affordable for any golfer.

So what are you waiting for? Affordable, Reliable, Portable. The Swing Caddie SC300 will help you take your golf game to the next level!

This is the Best Portable Launch Monitor on The Market!!!

What's In The Box

  • SC300 Portable Launch Monitor

  • SC300 Remote Control

  • Power Charging Cable


The Swing Caddie SC300

All This For $499.99


Order 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year, All Securely Online 

Express and International shipping fees are not refundable.

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